Friday, March 25, 2011


Yesterday I wanted to post what I am giving away to my loyal followers this week. 
It is my morning routine to get up with the hubs, make him a bite to eat, pack his lunch and then as he goes off to teach...I blog and poke about on Etsy. 
I do this with cup of coffee in hand. 
With cream.

Yesterday started out the same...made a cool Motown treasury...

Because I love Motown..(especially the Commodores) and then off to blog.

Have you ever wanted to throw the computer across the room? 
Yep, that was yesterday when I tried, not kidding, fifteen times to post. 
So I figured it's not to be, and went and did laundry. 
 I hate laundry, but I was forced to actually do Housework because of my computer. lol.

Here's what I am giving away...

At the risk of being a shameless self promoting shopowner...I am giving away a 50.00 giftcard to my shop
I will draw the name at random from my followers. 
 I like the idea so much I might just do it once a month or so.  :)

Love having you all here!


  1. Greetings Brandi:

    You sure did made me smile.
    Yes, we seem to all have
    one of those days. lol
    Well there is "Always
    tomorrow" like Annie says.
    dayle b.

  2. I've had many, many of those days.


    There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a shameless self promoting shop owner. That's what we're here for, right? To sell stuff. So, promote away!

  3. I had no idea your husband was mantiques! Shameless no!

  4. I am a computer girl, and let me tell you, that happens for everyone. Luckily there was no deadline for you with this! I've had that problem - but with a deadline on top! :-/