Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Star Treatment.

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(Written Last Night, In A Reflective Mood)

I am looking out tonight at the start of something wonderful-Spring!
I love the winter, love the snow, (when there are reasonable amounts of it)...I enjoy the occasional rainy day, but oh, I love the Spring when it starts to lose the cold edge and mellows out.
During the changing of the seasons it is a chief pleasure of mine to stare out the window.  The kitchen window here faces the backyard and beyond that a farmer's field.  On any given day we are graced by all sorts of birds, squirrels, deer and the occasional stray cat.  

I love to look out during the day through bits of old lace at streamy sunlight.  
But even more I love the singular beauty of Spring night.  
The whole world seems to be still and waiting, and the sky is dressed in her finest rhinestones--
Vintage ones.

Today's blog is a tribute to those windows we look out of, and the wonderful, whimsical, stylish and simple things we add to them.  

From Guschislinenscloset...Lace Luxury

From Besserina...A Dreamy Drape

From Stanfordglasshop...A Stained Glass Stunner

From Polka Dot Canary...An Ode to Strawberries and Cream

From Pillows2Please...A Profusion of Paint

From thislittlehome...A Soft Sophistication 

and From Thesourgrape...A Felted Fantasy

Thank you to all these shops for allowing me to use their images, 
please visit them for more wonderful items! 


  1. You have the gift with the written word! Love your finds.

  2. Wow, that stained glass is gorgeous. All of these are great.

  3. Definitely agree with you, spring is on the way, and it is prone to reflective moods. Particularly with what is happening in Japan this week.
    The pictures you have posted are very inspiring for spring 'sprucing up'. Really like the 'Ode to Strawberries and Cream'! Very lively, and we all should have some red in each room, according to Feun Sheui!

    Thanks for your selections. They are all great!

    terrymac1a at hotmail dot com