Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Out to Lunch

My husband has been substitute teaching this school-year.
He loves it, and one of the things he really loves is that I pack his lunch. :)

Everyday, I drag my sorry self out of bed before the sun even has the decency to show itself
(I think it knows better than to show up before my coffee)  and stuff an Ohio State lunch bag
(Go Buckeyes!!) with whatever goodies I can think of in my morning stupor.
It's actually turned into a fun ritual for us both.

Everyday he gets something tasty, and a note...and I get the satisfaction of knowing that in the midst of his busy day he has a touch of home.  Plus it saves money and is a small way to say I love you to the man of my dreams.

Here's a few things I found that might inspire you to brown bag it!

                               From MyPaperGarden an Earth Friendly Paper Tote

From FigTreeBoutique a reuseable sandwich pouch!

From alexanderpenelope this Classic Thermos

And this FAB thermos from THAYERpicks

Happy Packing!


  1. Love the out to lunch theme!

  2. Oh that plaid thermos takes me right back to my childhood!
    Have a great day!

  3. I love so many TomLaurus items.

    Girl, you must be Super Woman! I haven't made my husband a lunch to take to work for months. You may have just inspired me (or guilted me) to start again. :/

  4. Lol, Elea! There are days I don't even remember exactly what I packed! Look who's talking about Superwoman, the lady with three shops a blog and a Queene Anne Renovation :)!! You can be Wonder Woman, she's awesome too.