Wednesday, March 2, 2011


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Recently I have started a love affair with Lucite.  That fabulous clear material that has provided submariners with ocean views, police with shatter resistant protection, Salvador DalĂ­ with a surface for his genius, and the 1950s and 60s with some stunning pieces! 
Here are a few of the very finest I've found.

Fabulous Farmhouse Style Table from PeterandGrove

Sit Pretty with this Vintage Stool from ModFurnishings

                                 Talk all day on This Sweet Looking Phone from Biscuitblues   

                           Plexi- Glass Slippers Anyone? These are from Frauleinmarlene       

               This trio from VintageQueen are SO WONDERFUL, and the reason for this article!

                                            And at the risk of shameless self-promotion,
                                          here's some Trifari Earrings from Beteabon

                                                How great is Lucite?!  Go get some!
                                                         (Before I beat you to it!)

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