Sunday, March 13, 2011

Starts Monday!

I've heard of Nifty.  Never heard the word Niftic.  Until Recently---

Two extra entries to Monday's new giveaway for the first person to comment what Niftic means.

Has a little something to do with our seller this week, and TRUST me you are gonna want those extra entries for this prize!!!


  1. How is this working?

    I know what Niftic means!
    Do i post it here?

    The other niftic Reana is Great!! Cant wait to "meet" her!

  2. I think I know also~wait till tomorrow to post?

  3. Ok I am just going to take a guess right now. I am thinking that it means something like nifty things from the attic.
    btw - got such a kick out of your post on Ina. You are truly a good read. Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Especially the estate sale - hope you found some awesome things!!

  4. Hey! You three were the first! :) I will give all of you an extra entry this week!

  5. My answer was stylish...thanks for the entry