Friday, March 11, 2011

This Weekend.

I think no matter where we are in the course of our lives, there is something about weekends that just feels different.  Maybe there is some sort of collective sigh heard round the globe as Friday starts to near the five o clock point.  Like the wave.  Lol, it's a funny thought, at least to me that beginning where-ever on this terrestrial ball that Friday begins that it makes it's way over time zone after time zone like frenzied fans in a packed stadium.  And I am that crazy uncomfortably fanatic fan.  When it comes to Fridays, I would gladly wear a giant cheese hat and put on tribal paint if it would make them come faster every week.

Because I love weekends, love that the days seem a little more the illusion that time seems to move a bit slower.  Love that people seem to suddenly have remebered how to breathe after holding in air all week long.

In honor of weekends here's a few things that, Lord willing, I will be doing with mine.

-Sleeping In-- Submerging myself in a sea of clean sheets, and more pillows than anyone should have on their bed.

--Having an extra cup of coffee-- I try to keep myself to one cup per day during the week, this is because I kick my legs at night like you wouldn't believe if I have more.  I limit myself for the sake of my husband, who has to get up early.  He doesn't get up early on the weekends...So I can chug and kick away!! (insert sinister chuckle here)

--Having a McDonalds Bagel Sandwich, with Canadian Bacon -instead of regular bacon- and a Diet Coke.  I am not a fan of McDonald's most of the time...and I love really good Bagels (I am married to a guy from Long Island--trust me the bagel thing is an issue) and McDonald's bagels aren't really 'good' bagels by New York standards at least...but I dearly love this sandwich and once or twice a month I have one for a weekend treat.

--Seeing people I really like.  We go to church on Saturday nights with a really amazing group of real people.  I like them...I also like my sisters, and my family in general.  I plan to see them--Sometimes during the week we work through being around people that are wired different than us, and I think that's actually wonderful because it keeps a person flexible and able to maintain a healthy perspective.  But on weekends, if I am able, I enjoy being around the people that really 'get' me, and me them.  It's nice to be around someone you can just say whatever to and they know what you mean because they have known you.

--Thrifting!!!!  There is a huge estate sale this weekend near where I live and I am so excited to attend!!!!  There's just something thrilling about hunting through a bevy of useless junk to find that one item that makes your eyes light up!  I hope my eyes light up so much people have to wear ray-bans...vintage ones.

So what are you doing with your weekend?

Had to put this in...that's Molly, one of our Border mixes.
I have never seen her stick out her tongue before, and she did it right when I clicked the camera.
The best part is that the item in the picture is a vintage Veterinarian bag we just listed on my husband's Etsy shop, Mantiquities.

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