About Me

I am a woman of no consequence, and strong opinion.  Fortunately, I was born into the most loving family in the world, have snagged an incredibly wonderful husband, and am on a journey with an awesome, forgiving God.

We are currently living the life of many caught in the economic turmoil of our time, and have moved back in with my parents.  I am relearning so much about life--including that one simply lived is one lived well.  I recently opened my own shop on Etsy, out of necessity...but to my great joy it is a perfect fit!

I decided to blog for the sake of sharing what I am learning, whether it is the struggle of starting a Very small business...or the pain and joy of a journey back from our experience in the cruelest place we have ever been.

Each day is a cup of fresh coffee, a new unfurled leaf, a chance to embrace a step forward.
                                                I hope to share that with you, my friend.