Thursday, March 3, 2011


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I have been trying to streamline my blog a bit, and create a rotation for postings, ie...Monday-giveaways, Tuesdays-interviews, Wednesdays-lots pictures of stuff I like (lol) and that left Thursdays and Fridays.  Now, I like to post my opinion about pretty much everything I have an opinion on, Which is pretty much everything.  I sorta thought that's what Thursdays were going to be, but I get bored with myself.

So today, to save me from ennui I'd like to hear from is a little game the hubby and myself play on long trips when we are tired of talking about things that matter.  I'd love it if you'd play along in the comments...and hey!  keep it clean:)

I am sure many others have better things to do, but this is how out little game goes.  It's alot of fun, especially when you are still 250 miles from your Mother-in Laws and on your eighth cup of gas station coffee.

You know that song by Willie Nelson 'You Were Always on My Mind'?  (If you don't I posted a link at the bottom, give it a listen, it's lots more fun to sing your answers)

We make up a riddle of sorts, that always starts with the story about a famous country singer...but the answer always rhymes with mind (sort of), and it is always to the tag of the song..."you were always on my were always on my mind."

Here's a few examples...

There's a story about a famous country singer who finally brought back his overdue books.

(the other person would then answer, when they figured it out--)

"Willie Nelson paid his fines, Willie Nelson paid his fines."

There's a story about a famous country singer who adds a special something to his homemade salsa.

"Willie Nelson uses lime, Willie Nelson uses lime."

Or one made up by my husband--

There's a story about a famous country singer who overdid it on the fiber cereal.

"Willie Nelson's in a bind, Willie Nelson's in a bind."

Well, you get the idea...

So play along, don't make me feel even more stupid for openly sharing one of the silly things we do.
Do you have a stupid car game you play with your family?

Or perhaps you could try to stump us all with your best Willie Nelson riddle.

Sometimes it's the silly things that define moments in ways nothing else can. :) to listen to Willie Nelson's Song, Always on My Mind

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