Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Love Ina.

At the risk of sounding like a slightly creepy Food Network viewer...I love Ina Garten.

I love the fact that she actually Looks like she could cook, and like she Enjoys eating the food she makes.  There are some chefs on those cooking shows who look like they run to the bathroom five seconds after the camera pans in on them 'tasting' the food to spit out the bite they just took.  Ina seems like she enjoys the whole plate of what she made.  I like that as I am a whole plate kind of girl. I am also, unfortunately for my fading girlish figure, a second whole plate kind of girl!

I love that Ina wears pretty much the same thing on every show.  The woman is loaded, she probably has some killer clothes, or could afford some (buy vintage, Ina!).  But every show she wears the same sort of button up shirt in varying colors.  I love that, I wear the same outfit over and over again (yes, I wash it) until someone who knows me finally says, 'Oh, didn't you change?'  That person usually saw me last month.  All kidding aside...I do have a rotation of comfy clothes that I wear to cook or work in, what woman doesn't?  I think it's terrific that Ina embraces that AND that it's baggy.  Who cooks in skinny jeans and heels?!

I love that she loves Paris, so do I--but she's actually BEEN double points for that.  I love that she has all these friends that are sort of snobby, and you wonder if they are really true friends--I have some of those too!  I don't do the double kissy thing on the cheeks, though. 
I know it's European, but Ugh. 

I love that she loves her husband and cooks his favorites often and with joy.  I do that too.  I generally love the fact that underneath that Hampton-esk exterior she's a real woman. 

I would even guess that she is insecure about some things, I would even guess there are days she wants to run and hide and do nothing but eat Ben and Jerry's. 

But even more than all these things, I Love her recipes!!! 
I have never-and I mean never made an Ina recipe that has not turned out. 

Roasted chicken recipe ...boom- suddenly I am a legend with my family. 
Potato salad recipe...boom-I am the queen of the carry-in. 

When I make Ina everyone goes home happy except me.
Because there are no leftovers. 
(love leftovers, will spare you the entire post dedicated to them)

So I have said all this to say, I just made the best coffe cake EVER. 

And guess whose recipe it was? 

You got it-- my girl, my sister-friend who doesn't know me--double kissing, Hampton living, real woman in a real shirt, cooks like she means it-

Here's the recipe link--MAKE IT.  You will be revered. 

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