Saturday, February 5, 2011

So...the Superbowl causes heart attacks?

I was watching CBS tonight and there was an 'Eye on Your Health' report siting that Superbowl losses are now a cause of increase in cardiac attacks.

Are you kidding me?!

I appreciate the warning to aviod getting too stressed, and to watch certain beverage intakes and fatty foods (ok, ok...I'll stick by the token carrot stix)...but really?

This is sign to me that

1. Our nation Might just take sports too seriously...if the 'statistics' are true and not skewed.

2.  If the Superbowl is causing heart attacks, maybe we should pull out of, say, the Olympics...imagine how stressful it would be for your country to lose, not just your team.

3.  Fox is showing the Superbowl and CBS is 'jealous'.

4.  It's always easy to blame someone else for not taking good care of ourselves as a nation. (I understand that some people can take excellent care of themselves, and still have coronary issues.  My Dad is a cardiac patient.)

The study that this is based on was done in LA in the 1980s...and it's just coming out now.

Now that Fox has the Superbowl.  Wow, thanks CBS for the update.


Here's an interesting blog on the topic

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