Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Have I Discovered the Secret to Etsy's Front Page?!


Only time will tell that, I may very well be doing something that many others have done before me.  
I have created a 'formula' from Etsy's front page.

I am pretty new to Etsy, even newer to making treasuries and have 'the bug' --you know, the one that bites you when people say 'good job' or 'wow' on the Treasury comments.  
I have had only a few of these comments and now I am like a gator snagged up on some chicken put out by the Swamp People in the Bijou.  

Anyway, I started writing down what I saw on the front page and realized that the treasuries are chosen not only because of fabulous pictures, original merchandise and attractive models.  
It seems they also share a common pattern.

I started using this pattern in my treasuries recently, and love the result!  This may not get your curating skills to the front page--but I like to think it may help you make a more successful treasury.

-Front Page Treasuries usually have between two and three stronger colors, with other colors much more muted and in the background.

-Pay attention to your pictures background, many front page treasuries have neutral backgrounds with tones that are varying shades of the same neutral.

-Tell an abstract story, or use an idea that carries through.  Entire collections of one kind of item, like fuzzy slippers, are not typically featured.

You Drive Me Crazy  20" Throw Pillow  Removable Cover
Box #1

sterling silver and black onyx spider necklace
Box #2

Spicy Strawberry Berlingots - Hard Candy - 4 oz.
Box #3

Try this out for fun, and see what you think (it's my secret formula)
1st Box Something funny, close up words--a pillow, card, sign...ect
2nd Box Close-up texture, fills screen
3rd Box Edibles or Geekery...Specialty object, usually a pop of color
4th Box Haute Couture, or a strong neutral image--has a classier feel
5th Box Close up art print, or something that feels like it could be a close up graphic image
6th Box Farther away words, person, or object
7th Box Vertical, Angular, Narrow Image
8th Box Stronger graphic color...often vertical again
9th Box Artwork, or close up of a person
10th Box Texture, metallic or industrial...rounded
11th Box Object in image faces either a stronger right or left
12th Box Art print...often black and white or neutral

Here's one of mine I used 'the Formula' for 

Of course, now that I have written'll all change.  
I think though that what the eye likes, it likes.  
Happy Treasury Hunting!!!

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  1. Very interesting! I have the "bug" too, and am always interested to see what makes it to the front page and why.