Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why I want a Dog Ranch.

I am asking myself if I am crazy for starting a blog among the myriad of voices already in cyberspace...the answer is of course yes, if for no other reason than I am asking myself.  I should have written myself an email.

"They" say the secret of a great blog is to write about what you love.  I will endeavor to do so by beginning with a secret.

I want a dog ranch.  You heard me, a dog ranch...Some people have cattle ranches--I want a vast piece of land with roaming herds of Greyhounds, Whippets and the occasional Dachshund.   I made this decision recently after a forced change in the course of our lives.  After what happened, I wanted to give up on people.  They are, myself included a rather untrustworthy lot, and prone to bouts with self absorption. Not dogs, they are faithful true blue-as long as you hold the dog dish-and even sometimes, when you are dog dishless.  Can you blame me for wanting to be greeted every time I hit the driveway by a chorus of happy voices and wagging tails?

It would be a blessed person indeed to have that level of acceptance in life-- from bi-pedal clothes wearing creatures.

I am that self same blessed person.  I have found, after our recent fray with difficult, unkind people...that there are still kind ones to be known.  I have also discovered that though a church recently rejected the gifts my husband and myself offered --there are places like an old hometown and even an Etsy community that welcome us with open arms. I am learning the old adage that when God closes a door, He opens a window.  All that bantered wisdom, that I forsook easily...I am dusting off and finding good use for.

So I will shelf the dream of a dog ranch--for now, to the silent but unmasked joy of my husband...and instead amaze myself at the acceptance of my fellow man.

Some day, however, I will find a way to 'round up doggies.  Literally.

I have two dogs, whose acceptance is duly noted.

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