Friday, November 12, 2010

What I am Getting My In Laws for Christmas

Every year we agonize over what to get Jon's parents for Christmas.  I am sure we are not the only couple in America that goes back and forth on this one.

Parents gave you birth, have lived and accumulated years longer than you, and once they retire...ties are no longer acceptable gifts.  My parents are easy--we currently live with them.  So probably the best gift we could give them is to move out!  Actually, they have been great, and really appreciate anything handmade--so for them I will be doing something hand-painted, like the things I put on Etsy.

Jon's parents are wonderful people, but they on the other hand are hard to give gifts to.

His dad is a retired computer programmer--a very brilliant one--one that could have crashed the NY Stock Exchange's flashy screen during his time programming...had he wanted to.  He currently spends his days playing bridge, it has become almost an art form to him.  It would seem here that a bridge tie would work brilliantly--but he doesn't wear ties anymore...

Jon's Mom is a 'foodie' in the extreme.  She has taste buds that can detect a hint of pepper here--a bit of saffron there.  She loves high fashion clothing, and is able to pay the price for it...she has a shoe collection that rivals Imelda Marcos'.  She loves chocolate.

In the past, we have sent Chocolates from Godiva...or things from upscale shops that we could afford...However--

We are po' folk this Christmas, like so many in this economic slump...Jon is a substitute teacher, and I am trying desperately to make a go of starting a business (yes, I am crazy--but that's for another post).   So what to get the in-laws who have everything?!!

Enter an article on Etsy yesterday, from a post by Kittykatherine.  It was all about the artisan foods available on Etsy.  Light bulb!  Since they are artisan they = higher class to my in-laws who appreciate the small batches of cheese or wine or chocolate.  Since we are poor, we cannot afford most artisan cheese or wine or chocolate...but some of the ones I have checked out on etsy, we Can afford!

So this Christmas, I am getting my in-laws something from Breadfarm on Etsy.  Totally classy--completely affordable.
Are they not gorgeous?  I will win best daughter in law ever for these!  :)

The best part is--I might even have cash leftover to pay my bills, and buy myself some expresso shortbread cookies...Yum!

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