Monday, November 15, 2010

Armies of Martha's Mice

I am about to sound like something I am not...I almost do not recognize my face in the mirror...Martha Stewart has given me the ability to do the one thing I never thought possible---Craft!

I can paint all day long, love to decorate...but you give me scissors and a glue gun and there's gonna be trouble.  However, I (she says proudly) made these all by myself! Well, the hubby made some too....

Here are the Cutest Christmas Craft Creatures EVER--

The ones on, are much classier...they are city mice.  Mine are their country cousins--who still need their candy cane tails--still, I am happy to have accomplished something crafty.

It's as simple as cutting from a pattern, making a few slits in the felt, and glueing on some eyes and ear patches.  It was a terrific gloomy day craft to do, easy and fun.

I am planning on making an entire army of these and taking over the world.

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