Friday, April 8, 2011

Please Die.

As someone who sells vintage for my livelihood---nothing makes me happier than a return to past fashion.  Mostly.

There are exceptions to every rule, here's a few that I wish would stay buried forever.

Platform Sneaker.

Why Prada, why?!! 
This is back for Spring 2011...and I don't know why.  What is really horrible about high end designers doing this is how it affects those of us who can't afford Prada.  I mean, you can own something completely hideous and when you get a look of What?! from people you can say...'It's Prada' suddenly--permission granted to wear pure ugliness.  All these ugly styles filter down to the rest of us after re-interpretation by Joe in the corner office at Wally World.  The same thing does not work when you say 'It's Walmart' me I've tried. 
 Instead of permission you get the sympathy look--not nearly as fun.

Pegged Pants
We killed this one in the mid nineties...then it came back to life in 2008 like some freaky zombie...Now it's back, thanks to Armani?!  This reminds me of a spider I tried to kill the other day with a washcloth.  That was all I had on hand to try to exterminate the creepy crawler with.  Every time I thought it was dead, I hadn't squished it enough.  Then I threw it on the floor and just started stomping on it like crazy.  Maybe it got away, maybe it didn't.  But I felt better. 
I'm printing this picture out so I can do the same to it. 

The Mullet...or The Mohawk
This particular picture is tame compared to some of what I saw out there, mostly touted by Soccer players.  Love Soccer, not so much this style. 

Here's the thing.  It looks good on really attractive men with amazing athletic prowess in terrific shape.  It looks cute on little boys aged seven who want to be a soccer player when they grow up.  It looks sloppy on a teenager who didn't bathe for three days because he needed to get to that last level on Grand Theft Auto.  It just looks sad on the twenty something guy who used to play sports, but is still good at Wii bowling.  But we all know that it doesn't stop there.  There's some guy wearing this in a Joe Dirt sorta way, thinking he's 'in'.  It's not fair to him, or others that this style is back.  I blame Spain.

Popped collars
Please Stop.
Seriously.  Stop.
No Really, Stop.  Right now.

Of course, I am only poking a little fun at fashion...Who am I to judge? 
As I write this I am sitting comfortable in my leisure suit.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Oh please no - not the Achey Breaky Mistakey!!

    Of course Leisure Suits will ALWAYS be in!!

  2. He he - great post. I do hope your leisure suit is made of velour ;)

  3. I hate popped collars, too! Oh I wish they would die and never return to the fashion world! Who came up with such an idea?! Argh! -Carolyn,