Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Giveaway!!! Vintage Game!!!

My husband and I love a good board game.  Or video game.  Or baseball game.  And we aren't alone...America-heck, the world- is obsessed with playing games of all sorts, and has been for years and years and years.

The oldest game discovered thus far by the archaeological world dates from 3000BC.  It is a game of dice.  Evidently there was some sort of caveman version of Vegas replete with Dino Mafia and Tony Bennett.  He still looks the same....

I am a student of all things archaeological and Egyptian, I love the history of that culture and the way it is woven into so many other nations histories...and the ancient Egyptians had a sort of 'chess like' game some call Dogs and Jackals.  I like the name better than Chess.  You lost when someone took Caesar Millan off the board.

We have collected board games for years--registered for them for our wedding, even.  Jonathan's favorite is an old "Murder she Wrote" game.  I am not a huge fan, it always ends the same way...Jessica tricks you into confessing while the police chief hides in the closet.  Personally, I love Risk.  So maybe I have a slight Napoleonic complex.  Who doesn't?  I mean, seriously, if you could conquer the world and have great furniture, wouldn't you?!

This week's giveaway here on the Beteabon blog is from a terrific seller--Amy at AmyKristineVintage.  She has loads of fun items, but this is one of the ones that spoke to me personally...we played it when I was a kid, and we used the sticks for other games as well.

So could you--it would be amazing as part of an art piece, or as a funky home decor accent.  Make kabobs...poke people in the behind when their backs are turned, use it to illustrate to your children how to use a toothpick...Or you could bury it in the backyard for future generations to find, misname and marvel at. No matter What you do--it is a great prize, and a wonderful piece of vintage history. 

Here's what Amy's giving away this week!

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  1. Love your sense of humor! I'm a huge fan of games too! Our personal favorite is a 1960s library game of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Thanks for sharing this seller with us! I'm off to finish browsing.

  2. Those sticks are familiar. I know that we had them when I was a kid, but I can't for the life of me remember what we did with them.

    Amy sure has a cute blog and a super fun shop. Thanks for the intro Brandi!

    (btw - I traded in my little turquoise tea cup for a new avatar. New season, new look.)

  3. Operation! Loved tryin to get that funny bone. Great stuff B. (and of course I will follow Amy anywhere)