Friday, December 31, 2010

The Joy of Briwax

For anyone who hand paints furniture or signage and loves an aged and distressed look--Briwax is Amazing!  I no longer have to take out my glazing medium every-time I want to accentuate chippy paint and surface scratches.  Now I grab my trusty rag and can of Briwax and let er rip!

This has been a fairly recent discovery for me, I love to frequent a primitives store called Apple Valley in Piqua Ohio with my Mom.

The shop owner makes the yummiest oils for candles and really lovely sewn primitives and all that...One day I was chatting with her and she asked me if I had ever used Briwax.  Since I had no clue, the answer was a no, and I left with it that day in my bag, as an experiment.

I have used it many different ways, from getting a yellowed aged feel for primitive furniture, to all out aged water stains on my French Shabby pieces.

I am honestly not trying to sound like a commercial here, but it has really helped me out--it also protects a piece--and for those of you who hand paint furniture, I encourage you to give it a go.

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  1. I certainly enjoyed reading about your experience with Briwax. I too think that Briwax is a super product. I have become a fan of The Briwax Guy’s blog: – and there are some good hints there about using Briwax and my new favorite product liming wax. Keep the great ideas coming!!